Managing a Bangkok Massage Parlor

Meet Nancy, the receptionist at one of Bangkok’s premier massage parlors.

What are your responsibilities as receptionist?

First, I need to greet the customers and explain our services. We have three types of massages: the body-to-body, which includes a shower, a massage and a hand job or blowjob ($45); the full service, which includes all of the above but you also have sex at the end ($60); and the four-hand—a massage and sex with two girls ($120).

I also answer calls and give out condoms to the girls. We have three condom sizes: 49mm, 52.5mm, and 54mm. I usually reserve the small ones for the Asians, the medium sizes for the whites and the big ones for the black guys.

“I go into the room and there he is sprawled out on the table, unconscious, with blood coming out of his penis”

Have you encountered any crazy situations?

A while ago we had this 50-year-old European guy who would come in and take two girls for the day. He’d go into the room and have one use a chopstick to insert a white powder into his dick while he sucked on the other one’s toes. We don’t usually allow customers to take drugs in here, but he was a very, very good customer.

Then one day things went terribly wrong. One of the girls runs up to reception in tears screaming of an emergency. The manager was not around so I had to handle the situation. I go into the room and there he is sprawled out on the table, unconscious, with blood coming out of his penis.

We were all in shock. We called an ambulance and he was rushed to the hospital. Everything turned out ok and he’s still a good customer. But now, instead of putting the drugs in his dick, he inhales crystal meth.

Oh, good. Glad to hear he’s toned it down. Are all massages done in house?

Most of the time customers will come here, but there are others that will pay more to have the girl come to their hotel. Despite the better pay, many girls refuse outcalls because they’re more dangerous.

We had a situation once where a girl went out for a call and when she got to the guy’s room he wanted anal sex. She refused, but he did it anyways. When she came back to the shop she was crying hysterically, but there was nothing we could do. Our work is technically illegal so calling the police could cause her as many problems as the customer.

Are there other issues you encounter?

Sometimes a girl will complain to me because the customer’s cock is too big or because it looks like he has some kind of STD. In those cases I have to politely explain to the man that we can only offer him a blowjob or handjob. If he doesn’t accept, we refund his money.

Do customers have strange requests?

Customers ask me things like which girls would be willing to suck their cock without them having to wear a condom; some want to watch two girls together; others want anal sex.

Do customers proposition you?

It’s happened in the past; one day three customers walked out because they wanted me and no one else. The other girls got upset because I was costing them money. So now I show up for work in loose clothes. I do my best not to provoke but I still get propositioned.

Do you have a good relationship with the other girls?

Sure. They come and talk to me all the time. They’ll tell me who fucked them well and made them cum and who smelled like shit.

The girls also prefer sex to hand jobs and blowjobs because they can make the guy cum quicker. So I do my best to sell our customers packages that include sex.

Do your colleagues enjoy their work?

Yeah, most of them do. Many girls have been here since we opened five years ago, and if they’re popular they can make upwards of 40,000 baht ($1200) a month, which is enough to look after themselves and their families. Most girls have children and come from poor families in Isaan in the northern part of the country.

Some girls have also ended up with customers. She’ll make an impression and then the guy wants to take her back to his country. One girl is now in England, and there are others in Germany, Dubai, France and the US. They send me pictures and they look very happy.

How about you? Do you get tempted to expand your services?

No. I make 12,000 baht ($365) a month plus a small commission. It’s not a lot of money but it’s enough and I would never want to put myself in a situation where I have to have sex with somebody I don’t like. I like to have sex but only with people I choose.

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